Saturday, August 6, 2016

Building the Arduino for CS-11M

I'm teaching CS-11M for the second time in the fall and I want to fix some of the things that I thought were "broken" about the last go around. One of the hardest things to manage was the constant rewiring of the Arduino to match the week's project. Debugging circuits difficult and is not a learning objective for students. Also, my grading program had to detect how students wired their breadboard which made writing graders a bit of a pain.

This year there's only one circuit. We'll build it in stages over the first few weeks of class. To make it easy on everyone I've created a series of videos to show how the circuit is done. I used YouTube's video editing functions which worked quite well. Huge thanks to YouTube user AgentJayZ whose channel is full of amazing jet engine and gas turbine videos. I learned a lot about jets and a lot about making simple but effective YouTube videos.

Here's my playlist that shows how to build the CS-11M circuit:


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